Author Publishing Agreement

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(6) Sub-publication contract: These are essentially music editions in foreign areas between an American publishing house and a publishing house in a foreign territory. They are like administration or collection agreements (without the ownership of copyright transferred to the sub-issuer), but limited to one or more countries outside the United States. As part of this publication agreement, the publisher authorizes the sub-reeder to act on its behalf in certain foreign areas. They are often limited to a group of countries such as Z.B. European Union (EU), GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Latin America, etc.[8] -To understand more in depth “In royalties, there is an author`s share and a part of publishing. To put it simply, let`s say every share is worth 100%. So the author has a 100% circular diagram and the editor has a 100% circular diagram. If several authors are on the trail, then they will divide the actions accordingly, 50/50 or 25/25/25/25/25 if there were 4 authors. Once the author release is calculated, you can calculate the publisher`s release or vice versa. A record label would generally own 100% of an artist`s publishing rights, but if you enter into a co-publication agreement, the label would receive only 50% of your publication.

To break everything down if an artist negotiates a fraction of 50/50 for publication and retains 100% of the author`s share, the artist would receive half of the publishing share and 100% of the author`s share. This resulted in 75% of the total royalties. If you publish your own music, it means that you can keep 100% of your rights… [9] (4) Admin: an administrative agreement is reached between a songwriter-publisher and an independent director or between an author/publisher and another music publishing house. In an admin-deal, the songwriter publishes himself and only concedes songs for several years to the music publisher and for an agreed royalty sharing. As part of this agreement, the music publisher only manages and exploits the copyright of another publisher/copyright holder. Only the most popular songwriters can even consider seeking an administration agreement. Under this coveted agreement, copyright ownership is generally not transferred to the administrator. Instead, the music publisher receives 10 to 20% of the gross costs it receives from the management and operation of the songs for a specified period of time and for a given territory. [8] The author grants the publisher certain rights to its material for the duration of the contract.

These rights may include the right to publish, communicate and distribute online and sublicensing. These rights are only granted to this publisher.

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