Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement India Singapore

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(b) avoid unnecessary harm to the economic, economic and financial interests of the other Party; In accordance with Chapter 9 of the agreement, Singaporeans and Indians are allowed to enter India and Singapore for different periods, ranging from two months to three years, depending on one of the four categories of visitors mentioned above. However, people who come here (and go there from Singapore) still need to apply for and obtain a valid visa. RECALLING the work of the session of 8 The agreement concluded between their respective Prime Ministers on 24 April 2002 between their respective Prime Ministers to establish a Joint Study Group to examine the benefits of a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement between India and Singapore shall not be considered a breach of a Party`s obligations under this paragraph and shall not be subject to the Dispute Settlement Chapter of this Agreement. (e) improve the efficiency and competitiveness of their manufacturing and services sectors and increase trade and investment between the Parties, including the sharing of trade and economic opportunities in non-Party countries; (f) to explore new areas of economic cooperation and to develop appropriate measures for closer economic cooperation between the Parties; on investments. It is recognized that a particular pressure on a party`s balance of payments in the economic development process may require the application of restrictions, in particular to ensure the maintenance of a financial reserve appropriate to the implementation of its economic development programme. Building on their respective rights, obligations and obligations as developing country members of the World Trade Organization and under other multilateral, regional and bilateral agreements and arrangements; (g) facilitating and improving regional economic cooperation and integration, numerical quotas or the requirement for an economic needs assessment; of a country that is not a Party to this Agreement, that Party shall, upon request, give the other Party a reasonable opportunity to negotiate or negotiate similar agreements with a view to its accession to such an agreement or agreement. If a Party grants recognition autonomously, it shall provide the other Party with a sufficient opportunity to demonstrate that the training or experience acquired in the territory of that other Party, the requirements or licences or certifications met by it should also be recognised.

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