Customer Rebate Agreement In Ax 2012

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The first step is to place the end customer, Apple Store X, as the new customer. Next, we also need to create the big Apple customer chain as new customers. Minimum quantity or minimum amount ─ The discount agreement must indicate either a minimum quantity or a minimum amount that the customer must purchase to qualify for a discount. The value of the discount can be deducted from the gross or net amount of the client`s order line. It can also be calculated on the basis of a fixed amount, percentage or unit currency. Note that confirmation of a trade allocation agreement can be controlled by a workflow authorization process. The discount has been calculated and has not yet been obtained. Go to credit accounting > invoices > billing log, change the “view” setting to “reserved” and look for the journal number. The system credited a credit account linked to the customer account and debited the discount account. “Order from”, “Order to” – Contract Validity Period The discount agreement for this customer is 15% for all items: $48,000 X 15% = $7,200 10. Once the coupon is published, click on the discount transactions to view the coupons.

At this point, the status is also complete. Since discounts for Big Apple must be generated, when creating a new sales order, we must set Big Apple as “invoice account” on the customer`s order under the General tab: In this simple example, I created for the customer “Apple Store 1” a discount contract with a type of discount program “Discount” for all items. In this regard, I would like to address the treatment of rebates. For example, you work with the customer. You conclude an agreement with the customer who, if he buys goods for a total amount of more than 1 million, you would grant a 15% discount on the total turnover. As a result, you put a discount agreement. Now, if the customer gets a retroactive sales volume, offer them a discount. Discounts are transmitted to the customer in the form of credits. In the Customer code and customer selection fields, specify the customer or group of customers who is qualified for this discount agreement.

You can also select the All client code if the agreement applies to all clients. The discount has been allowed if authorization is required. Choose either all customers or some – this is our discount beneficiary. Navigate through the trade premium management action area > General Agreements > Trade Indemnity > details > trade abatement agreements tab> State group of fields > Confirm On the customer card, set the customer chain From The Big Apple in the various details tab as supplier account: 4. Next, set up a discount program with main accounts for delimitation: Access receivables > customers > all customers, select a customer record, click in the action section. . . .

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