Hold Harmless Agreement Clause Wording

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First, a Hold Harmless clause involves the assumption of contractual liability, which is generally excluded by contractual exclusions of liability in insurance policies. For example, if the extension of contractual liability covers only damage resulting from an act, error or omission of the insured in the provision of the corresponding services or supplies, damage which falls within the scope of the provision, but which does not actually result from an act, error or omission of the insured, would not be covered by the policy. In a harmless agreement, responsibility is transferred from one person to another. Depending on the circumstances, this plan may be advantageous and fair or inappropriate. Maintaining harmless agreements can offer a variety of protective measures. These are usually divided into three groups: general, services, and property use. Often, we encounter in treaties exemption clauses that oblige one contracting party to keep the other party “unharmed”.

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