Statement Of Treaties And International Agreements

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The Consolidated Treaty Series is a vast collection of treaties from all nations concluded between 1648 and 1919. It is also known as Parry`s Treaty Series and has been reproduced online as Oxford Historical Treaties (UniMelb employees and students) and is also available on paper at Level 4 of the Law Library. 1. The register shall be kept in the five official languages of the Organization. The register shall include, for each contract or international arrangement, a registration of: 1. A party or a special agency which registers a contract or an international agreement in accordance with Articles 1 or 4 of this Regulation shall certify that the text is an authentic and complete copy thereof and that it contains all reservations made in this regard by the parties. Note: Historical editions of the monthly declaration from 1946 to 1997 are offered in their original state. In creating this legal framework, the Convention promotes the objectives of the United Nations as set out in its Charter, including the maintenance of international peace and security, the development of friendly relations among States and the implementation of cooperation among the United Nations. From each entry in the encyclopedia, the Oxford Law Citator will be linked to other relevant entries in the encyclopedia and to the relevant decisions of international tribunals in the Oxford reports on international law. . . .

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