Ubs Investment Advisory Agreement

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The services and options for implementation vary according to the selected advisory program The UBS Advisor Advisory Allocation Program (AAP) is a discretionary advisory program in which your financial advisor defines a targeted allocation and selects from investment funds, listed funds and account strategies managed separately by related and unrelated investment managers. UBS Financial Advisor acts as a personal portfolio manager with a margin of appreciation when buying and selling securities on your advisory account. UBS Strategic Advisor is a non-discretionary consulting program that offers ongoing advice, advice and flexibility. UBS PACESM (Personalized Asset Consulting and Evaluation) – UBS Financial Advisor works with you to provide an asset allocation based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, and then helps you evaluate and select investment funds for your portfolio. UBS Strategic Wealth Portfolio is a unique, non-discretionary advisory account that offers the ability to combine accounts, investment funds and listed funds into a single account. By integrating a UBS consulting program into your investment portfolio, you can apply to UBS ACCESSSM and Managed Accounts Consulting: UBS ACCESSSM and Managed Accounts Consulting are advisory programs in which related and unrelated investment advisors manage client accounts at their discretion. To determine which program meets your individual needs, contact your UBS financial advisor or find a UBS Financial Advisor. More information about our investment advisory programs, including fees, client suitability and program functions, can be found in the UBS-ADV disclosure brochure. Information about these other investment advisory programs can be found in the disclosure brochures at UBS offers a wide range of investment advisory programs – including non-discretionary and discretionary offers – to help you pursue your financial goals. UBS Financial Advisors strives to know its unique financial goals and develop tailored investment strategies to help you achieve them. Trust the professionals who put your interests first.

A UBS-CAP portfolio offers the simplicity of consolidation and creates a unified approach for all your advisory investments, allowing you to bring together a wide variety of your related companies, provided they share the same risk profile and investment objectives. Find a UBS Financial Advisor or a branch near you.

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