Yusa 2 Collective Agreement

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The Job Evaluation Committee is appointed by the YUSAPUY Board of Directors to participate in the job evaluation process, including job evaluation as part of the Joint Job Evaluation Committees to ensure that the job evaluation process is fair to YUSAPUY members. YUSAPUY and YorkU provide training to ensure that committee members are able to apply the evaluation criteria outlined in the york/YusApuY Joint Job Evaluation Training Manual and in accordance with YUSAPUY`s collective agreements. >> Who is a member of the YUSAPUY Standing Committees: yusapuy.ca/contact/standing-committees/ yusapuy.ca/yusapuy-candidates-second-statements/ YUSAPUY has two bargaining committees for members of Unit 1 and Unit 2. Bargaining committees are elected by the members and are responsible for preparing and initiating negotiations with the employer to negotiate the working conditions of membership in accordance with YUSAPUY collective agreements. The full text of the collective agreements can be found here: yusapuy.ca/members/agreements/ yusapuy.ca/2020-yusapuy-bursary-application-now-on…/ >> What is the Constitution and Policy Committee? yusapuy.ca/…/constitution-policy-committee-terms-r…/ During the years of negotiation, the negotiating commission is responsible for establishing a timetable for the negotiation process, as well as for developing the language, preparing and examining the applications. Sals. The Constitutional and Political Committee is composed of three (3) elected members of YUSAPUY. The C&P Committee maintains the YUSAPUY By-Articles and Policies Manual, drafts the wording and proposes amendments to the YUSAPUY Board of Directors. The C&P Committee also advises the Board on the interpretation of these important documents. The Working Group on Decent and Stable Work is launching a campaign to highlight and mobilize York employees on the issue of precarious work. This year-old campaign aims to raise awareness, engage and mobilize YUSAPUY members to advocate for gainful employment.

. The Communications Committee consists of four elected members of YUSAPUY and is responsible for keeping members informed of developments related to work and work on and off campus. Read YUPG`s proposal for a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) YusApuY will award four (4) $500 scholarships to qualified parents of yusApuY members. The scholarships have now been named in honor of former YusApuY members who have gone to great lengths to support YusApuY where it is today. The registration deadline is 16th. December 2020. . Decent work is about creating opportunities that provide a fair income, a fair working environment and gainful employment for workers. Trade union activists have long campaigned for job stability and for workers` right to social and economic development.

The Health and Safety Committee is composed of YuSAPUY members from Units 1 and 2 appointed to the Committee by the YUSAPUY Board of Directors. The Committee`s mandate is to promote change in the workplace to foster a healthy and safe environment. The Campaign for Decent and Stable Work is launching a survey to collect stories about YUSAPUY members` experiences in the workplace, particularly in the context of an increased and unbalanced workload, work breaks, continuous/repeated contracts, the effects of covid-19, conflicts, complaints and various forms of discrimination. The YUSAPUY 2020 Annual General Meeting is tomorrow! All YUSAPUY members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting. We are very pleased that members have seized this opportunity to improve their health and professional lives. Places are limited, so please confirm your participation. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. I look forward to a great training and the opportunity to meet new faces. .

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