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A Rose For Jonathan has received more five star reviews and is the winner of the New Apple Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing for the Spirituality/Religion category.

The latest five star comments:

“What a wonderful surprise!! The book was about how organ donations can be a blessing, but the author used a backdrop of spiritual warfare to bring the story to life! What an awesome way to tell the story! This is a must read!”

I hope you will take time to check it out and sample a few chapters. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited! The sequel is on the way soon and the title will be revealed soon.

I receive a lot of questions about the book, so I’ve decided to post one here with the answer. This is probably my most asked question:

Where did you get the idea for this book?

This book was born from my work as a pediatric physical therapist and working with children who have received organ donations. I began the story and wanted to make it more about the power of prayer around us and decided to give a visual explanation of how important this spiritual weapon is for us as Christians.  My two inspirations for this book were two precious children that I was blessed to help recover. I thank God every day for such an amazing job and now the added blessing of being able to be His vessel to tell more about Him.

Click HERE to see the book and sample a few pages.

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