Available Books by Beth Green

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The following is a list of available books by multiple award-winning author, Beth Green:

1.) A Rose for Jonathan (Angels and Demons Book 1)

A multiple award-winning novel with angels and demons and a mixture of fun as well as a wakeup call of the power of prayer and scripture. Dig into the story of a man who discovers the source of his new spiritual gift. Find out how an organ transplant that saved his life as a child leads him through a maze of discoveries that change not only his own family but also his church and the surrounding community.

Available in both ebook and print. Click HERE to order.

2.) Quiver (Angels and Demons Book 2)

A second multiple award-winning novel in the Angels and Demons Series. Jonathan’s secret gift threatens to destroy not only him but the woman he loves. Forced to leave her without an explanation, he embarks on a journey that allows him to discover more about this power that he now possesses. The angels fight desperately to keep him hidden as the demons slowly discover not only what he is but how to find him. The ultimate battle for control wages in order to keep the one thing from happening that all demons cannot permit…the one thing none of them can tolerate…Discover the incredible difference your gift can make and the awesome power of God through this fast-paced sequel to the original multiple award-winning novel, A Rose For Jonathan.

Available in both ebook and print. Click HERE to order.

3.) Perfect: The Building of a Championship Culture

A state championship is earned only by those who take it. Some teams will claw their way through a season and then fail in the end. Only a select few will find victory. What are the qualities that separate the winners from those who fall short? This story is about a group of young men who fought against all predictions and odds to become the only undefeated team in the state of Georgia in 1998 across all classifications, crushing their opponents week after week through an allegiance of pure passion. Discover the secrets behind the culture that produced this historic season and the intangibles that made them unstoppable…and perfect.

Available in both ebook and print. Click HERE to order.

4.) The Club

Why would a normal person commit a random murder? The Club is a fast-paced thriller that is full of twists and surprises from the multiple award-winning author who is described as “a masterful storyteller.” Discover the dark side of the mind as ordinary people are forced to become what they fear the most.

Available in ebook. Click HERE to order.