Don’t forget to look up

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Do you forget to look up?

Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.

Revelation 4:11

I’m an early riser, most of the time around 5:00 AM. I work out, have my devotion time, and get ready for my day, which starts around 8:00 AM.

My job takes me everywhere throughout the town and the surrounding counties. Recently, I was driving out through the countryside on my way to my first patient’s house and the sun was just coming up over the horizon, casting a beautiful glow of orange, pink, and red across the sky. The light continued to slowly increase and produce a contrast of color in the sky against the trees, fences, and an occasional farmhouse. Cows moved slowly along the fields, munching on grass, staring at me with their large brown eyes as I rolled past. Songs played softly in the background in my car, and I was mesmerized by the scenes around me as I thanked God for this beautiful day that He had made. I was so glad that I had been able to enjoy this moment as I basked in the beauty of His creation. So many days I just roll through a day and forget to just take a moment and look up or look around me.

In the business of life, I find myself all to often looking down. Down as I walk, down at my phone, down at my computer. Looking up has to be intentional and I don’t put enough emphasis on this on a daily basis. Not only do I miss the beauty that God created for me (and for us all), but I am missing that connection with Him. There is a great old song that addresses this very subject. Click HERE if you want to take a moment to listen.

I hope you will take five seconds today and just look at the sky. Is it dark and foreboding or clear and blue? Are there white fluffy clouds floating by? Whatever you see, don’t forget who created it all. He longs for you to enjoy his creation. Enjoy how incredible the simple things in life can be and don’t forget to look up!



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I am a mom of four beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband. By day, I am a pediatric physical therapist; and by night, I am a closet writer. I hope you enjoy diving into my latest work. I always donate a portion of all of my work to charity.
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