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1.) A Rose for Jonathan (Angels and Demons Book 1)

This multiple award-winning novel follows the story of a young preacher as he discovers a secret gift that he doesn’t initially understand. Before long, his gift grows and threatens to hurt the ones he loves, including his own young daughter. Pastor John must find a way to fight the powerful forces that are determined to keep him from finding his true potential.

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2.) Quiver (Angels and Demons Book 2)

The sequel to A Rose for Jonathan, this multiple award-winning novel continues the story with Jonathan as the main character. He has a new gift that is much more powerful and more threatening to the dark forces that surround the town. In this fast-paced story, the angels and demons struggle to control the gift that can lead to the one thing that demons hate the most.

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3.) Perfect: The Building of a Championship Culture

This is the true Cinderella story of an unnoticed team from a small town that packs a big punch in Georgia High School football history as they face incredible odds every week. How they became the only team in the entire state across all classifications to end up with a perfect record is documented and told from the perspective of the coach’s wife. The characteristics of a winning culture are defined, making this book a tool that many coaching staffs in multiple sports across the nation are using as their guideline to building a championship culture of their own.

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4.) The Club

How far would you go to protect those you love? What if you had no choice? The Club is a crime fiction that explores a new kind of vigilante justice that defies the boundaries of modern law. With a myriad of stories and characters, the story will keep you guessing until the last page.

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