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The People of The Ville:

Melissa Seelow

Interest rates have risen but homes are selling faster than ever. To get your next home, you need to move fast and with confidence.

One local realtor is helping people do just that and has risen to become a multimillion dollar producer this past year. Her name is Melissa Seelow of Semonin Realty and she is this month’s featured pick for The People of The Ville series.

Melissa was born in Richmond, Missouri, which is located right outside of Kansas City. She has lived in several states, including Colorado, South Dakota, and of course Missouri but now resides with her husband in Louisville. About 15 years ago, her husband was offered a job here but she states, “Now that our children and more importantly our grandchildren are here, we plan to stay!”

She and her husband have two grown children. Her son, Tyler, is Vice President of Investments for Chase Bank and her daughter Malarie is in the final stages of completing her nursing degree and works at Baptist Eastpoint. Tyler is married to Lindsay, whom Melissa describes as a wonderful stay at home mom; and they have two children, Peyton and Barrett. With all of their family here in town, Louisville has become their home. When asked what she liked most about Louisville, Melissa quickly answered,

“I have loved the traditions here. Even though we aren’t technically in the south, I feel like I live in the south with Derby and all of the fun surrounding it!”

Louisville is definitely a mixture of north and south—a blend so unique and noticeable that many dub it “Kentuckiana” or as one native once said “Indiucky”. Either way, the mix is wonderful and leads to a lot of local cultural flare, much of which translates into the food and restaurants. Melissa describes herself as a bit of a “foodie” since being here and quickly adds “it’s not good for my waistline!”

Other things she noted that she loves about our city:

“We enjoy the college sports opportunities here. There are great country music concerts and there is the ability to attend Broadway plays as well as see local talent. I also love the beauty of Louisville and the green hills. Louisville is a growing city which is exciting to be a part of!”

When asked who was the most influential person in her life and why, Melissa responded with the following:

“I would have to say that my Grammie was. Although I grew up states away and only got to visit for holidays and in the summer she always made sure that I knew she was there for advice no matter what. She sent me weekly letters if not more and called it her Grammie Landers letters. She had a great sense of humor and always appeared happy with her life although it was simple (she ran the rural general store and beauty shop where I loved to hang out). You learn a lot about people in that environment! She taught me to be forthright and honest. She said, and I quote, ‘if you ride the fence too long, you’re bound to have a sore crotch’. I guess she would laugh now at our society’s attempt to be endlessly politically correct. She always made the most with what she had and created a fun and loving environment for me. In college I lived closer and went often on weekends to see her and my PaPa— she told me it made her feel younger! Simple life lessons were learned through watching and listening to my grandparents.”

I have known Melissa for several years through work. About two years ago, she left to become
self-employed in the real estate business. This took some time for her to adjust after having dedicated her life to social work up to this point. After praying hard and feeling led to do so, she started this adventure and says, “It has been a great fit and God has blessed me more than I could have imagined!”

Blessed and talented at her job, for she was nominated as one of the Rookies of the Year in her first six months and, as mentioned earlier, is now a multimillion dollar producer.

“I love being able to help people work through the process of buying and or selling their homes. Searching for the perfect match and then working through all of the crazy stuff that can go on in the process of making an offer, home inspections and repairs, appraisals, banking and finally closing. I tend to wear many hats and my psychology background has come in handy more than once as it’s an emotional roller coaster sometimes. It’s always fun to see my buyers happy in their new homes!”

Her love of this business shows and her happy personality resonates with the customers. It’s no wonder she has found success. When asked if there was something that she would change in her life, here is what she said,

“I think it would be to slow down and enjoy the little things—quit feeling rushed through life. I think that’s why I love hanging out with my granddaughter Peyton who is three! Everything is new, fun, and amazing. If I am stressed, I will often go see her. I think we can be in such a hurry that we can go through life trying to move on to the next thing, a new job, home, the next phase with our kids etc.; and before we know it, we wish we could have a mulligan! Maybe that’s why grand parenting is so awesome—I enjoy those moments and watching all the firsts that are so exciting for them!”

One final question I asked was for her to tell us something about herself we haven’t already discussed.

“I’m an introvert! Really I am. When my husband was getting his Doctorate we had to take tests on our personalities and we were both amazed to learn that I am classified an introvert. If you met me you would think ‘no way’! I’m usually pretty chatty and outgoing! I think I’m analytical and sometimes I just need time away from others to process; but I love being with people and building friendships.”

Introvert or not, I find Melissa easy to talk to and personable in every way. She has proven her success in her family, her faith, and her career as well as developed a deep commitment to them all. We are happy to have added her and her family to The People of The Ville!


If you are in the market to buy or sell, you can reach Melissa using the information below.

Office Information
Semonin Realtors
600 N Hurstbourne Pkwy Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40222
Office: (502) 420-5000
Cell: (502) 649-7902


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