When A Christian Hurts You

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I know we have all been there…we trust someone and they let us down. It is painful enough anytime; but for some reason, it hurts more if it is a fellow Christian.

My family has gone through some very tough times over the last few months. Financially, emotionally, and physically we have been challenged and stretched until we have almost broken at times. With the comfort of leaning on God, we have made it. I have to tell you, though, the betrayal by fellow believers has worn me down.

Within the past few years, I can name several incidents where my family has endured harsh and cruel treatment from fellow Christians. Ironically, some of the people who have treated us well have been non-believers. The actual details of these incidents really don’t matter; but I can tell you that I was cut to the core with some of it and I had to keep reminding myself what we all know: Christian does not equal perfect. In fact, I believe that when someone gives their life to Christ, it is an acknowledgment from that person that they are a sinner and need the Grace of God to be forgiven. That knowledge is comforting, but let’s be real: I was hurting and I didn’t want to hear that.

One day while I was lamenting on some of the problems we were facing, I just curled up on my bed and had a heart-to-heart talk with God. I really think that He wants us to do that–he is our Heavenly Father. Why wouldn’t He want us to come to Him (even in frustration)?

Somewhere in that prayer/conversation that I was having, a peace washed over me and let me know that I was going to make it. I would love to tell you that everything was perfect after that, but it wasn’t. It takes a daily effort to “seek ye first the kingdom of God” but remember the rest of the verse that says: “and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33. So what are “all these things?”. Back a couple of verses this refers to what we will eat, what we will drink, how will we be clothed.

I began to seek God and not worry about any of the little problems. I decided to let Him worry about the other people that had wronged me and let me concentrate on Him. I know I should have quoted the verse about praying for my enemy, etc; but I will be honest with you: that took a few more weeks of seeking God.

So, my point here? To let you know that if it has not happened to you yet, it probably will. Someone you are close to in the church will hurt you or disappoint you. I wish that I could say that Christians are now perfect (only someday in Heaven will that be true). For now, we are just sinners saved by Grace. Be patient and keep seeking God. He will never disappoint you.

Don’t give up on Christ because someone is not Christ-like.

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