Why didn’t God come as a woman?

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I was sitting with a few friends the other day and I made a remark that stuck in my own head for several days.

Here is the setting: graduation of some of our children, discussions on aging parents, and so on. I jokingly stated:

Why do women have to battle the emotions of our children leaving home, aging parents, and menopause all at the same time?

Our poor husbands have to mop up tears for weeks.

Then I jokingly said:

“Why didn’t God come as a woman? Maybe then he would have changed the timing on all of this.”

We all laughed; but I was haunted by the idea that I might be on to something.

Why didn’t he come as a woman? I know the obvious answer of the stigma of a woman in the old culture, etc.

But…we marvel at how he came as a baby…laid in a lowly manger…in a dirty barn…I mean why not make him a woman as well to really stack the odds against him in that culture? (Again, laughing here is encouraged)

There is no way to understand the ways of God; but I do know the ways of man in that century and there is no way anyone would have listened to her. That is a fairly well known fact of that culture at that time. There is more though.

I believe that God has represented himself as a male throughout time, calling himself “Father” (Numerous verses reference this; but try 1 Corinthians 8:6 as a start).

God has also made it clear that man is to be the spiritual leader of the home (1 Corinthians 11:3), therefore, God would have to come as a man.

OKAY! So the Biblical stuff points to a man, I get it. What I am saying is this: Of course Jesus (and God) can relate to all that we go through since God came in the form of man. 

Can we all just breathe in and out and then laugh for a second when I say this:

I just think that a little PMS might have gone a long way to help us women to NOT have to pay for Eve’s mistake forever.

This is where you smile and laugh…I just wanted to be a little funny. Please know that I do understand the big picture here.

For those of you who are confused…that was not my intent. Just laugh with me as I say it again:

Why didn’t he just come here for a couple of months as a woman…preferably with aging parent and menopause (he didn’t have children…but maybe when his nieces and nephews were moving away too).

It’s okay.

Jesus is my life.

I love him.

He does understand me, even though I am a woman and even when I am a little hormonal.

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