It’s Football Time in Georgia

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My new book is starting to look more like a book and less like an idea. The story is about a football team…but it’s much more than that. I haven’t settled on a title yet; but I will definitely share it along with the cover when it’s ready.

For now, I want to share a quote from one of the players on this magical team. The player was asked a simple question: What were your teams’ greatest strengths this season?

Here is how this player answered…and I have seen similar answers from almost every player and coach that I’ve interviewed.

“Our greatest strength was our unselfishness. Football is the ultimate team game and you simply cannot win big with individuals. No one, players and coaches included, cared who got the credit. No one complained about how many times they got the ball, or how many passes were thrown to them, or how many tackles they got. No parents complained about playing time for their sons and the coaches held it all together. It was a true team effort, really amazing for that many people to work unselfishly for a great goal and then achieve it.”

I look forward to bringing this book to print…I hope that many coaches, parents, and players will read this story and learn from the research that I’ve done to uncover the secrets of a championship team. Read that answer above one more time and let the words sink in. There is much more to a team than what you see on game night. What I’m uncovering is truly amazing and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

More on this book later…

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